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Time Management Tips for a Smooth-Sailing SQE Exam

Time Management Tips for a Smooth-Sailing SQE Exam

Preparing for the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) requires diligent study and effective time management. As the exam date approaches, it’s essential to plan your study schedule, prioritize the topics, and make the most of your study time. In this article, we will provide you with valuable time management tips to help you succeed in the SQE exam. So, let’s dive in!

1. Create a Study Schedule

One of the first steps towards effective time management is to create a study schedule. A well-planned schedule will ensure that you dedicate sufficient time to each topic and maintain a consistent study routine. Consider your other commitments and allocate specific time slots for studying. Stick to the schedule as much as possible, but also allow for some flexibility to accommodate unexpected events or additional review time.

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2. Prioritize the Topics

With a vast amount of material to cover, it’s crucial to prioritize the topics based on their importance and weightage in the exam. Identify the areas that you feel less confident about and allocate more study time to them. Additionally, focus on the topics that historically have higher chances of appearing in the exam. By having a clear understanding of the exam’s syllabus and weighting, you can strategically allocate your time and resources.

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3. Break It Down

The SQE exam covers various subjects, and each subject consists of multiple topics. To manage your time effectively, break down the subjects and topics into manageable study sessions. This approach allows you to focus on one area at a time, making it easier to grasp the content and build a solid foundation. Set realistic goals for each study session, and reward yourself with short breaks to maintain productivity and avoid burnout.

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4. Utilize Productivity Tools

In this digital age, there are numerous productivity tools available to help you manage your time effectively. Consider using apps or software that allow you to create to-do lists, set reminders and track your progress. These tools can help you stay organized, focused, and motivated throughout your SQE exam preparation journey.

5. Review Smartly

Effective time management involves smart reviewing techniques. Instead of re-reading the entire material repeatedly, identify the key points and create concise summaries or flashcards. These will serve as quick references during your last-minute revisions, saving you time and helping you retain important information.

Interactive SQE Mock Tests for Property: Sharpen Your Skills for Exam Success is an invaluable resource that provides realistic mock tests specifically for property practice. Using these interactive practice tests will not only help you gauge your knowledge but also improve your time management skills for the actual SQE exam.


Time management is an essential aspect of successful SQE exam preparation. By creating a study schedule, prioritizing the topics, breaking down the subjects, utilizing productivity tools, and reviewing smartly, you can optimize your study time and increase your chances of achieving a smooth-sailing SQE exam experience. Stay focused, stay dedicated, and remember to balance your study time with adequate rest and relaxation. Best of luck with your preparations!






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